Carve-out support

Getting everything in place before the Transactional Service Agreement (TSA) ends can be extremely tense. We can help you accelerate the possible.

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Experienced and reliable carve-out support

M&A activity has started to gather speed, as corporates and PE firms seize the investment opportunities that have presented themselves. All whilst borrowing costs are relatively low.

Firms are looking to speed up their growth and expansion into new geographics, widen their product and service portfolio, obtain new technologies and increase their customer base. And carve-outs can prove a very strategic, and savvy, accelerant.

Achieving growth through M&A can be burdensome. Processes can be extremely complex, timelines extremely tight, mistakes extremely costly and errors extremely public. Corporates, PE firms, financial advisors and law firms focus on finalizing transactions as soon as possible and ensuring they are prepared for when the Transactional Service Agreement (TSA) ends in a few months’ time. If things are not ready, the whole transaction could be derailed and/or exceptionally costly penalties incurred.

The acquirer must ensure that the new stand-alone entity is set up appropriately, and compliantly, across all locations. That all acquired employees continue to be paid, uninterrupted. That all accounting and tax requirements are catered for. That customers can be invoiced as soon as required. And that all appropriate licenses and permissions are obtained.

With over 4000 employees around the world, our dedicated team are veterans in all areas of global entity management, and we can ensure all needs are met long before the TSA ends. Our scale means we can scale up and down as you need us, helping you keep control of costs and get things done. And, importantly, we can help drive visibility and control of your entities worldwide via our proprietary client portal, IRIS.

Our services include:

  • Company formation, international structuring, registered address, process agent, directorships, and board support services
  • Compliance with applicable local rules and regulations, through a single point of sharing knowledge on the types of structures available to you
  • Coordination, across your international entities
  • Accounting and tax services
  • HR & Payroll
  • Obtaining official corporate documents such as certificates of incorporation and certificates of good standing
  • Sourcing relevant professional licences and tax registrations or transferring them to new entities
  • Regulatory and compliance services, including; Common Reporting Standards (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Country-by-Country notification and OECD Local and Master File, Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and Legal Entity Identifier
  • Liaising with your advisors, banks, lawyers as appropriate