Company formation

The processes, rules and requirements for incorporating a new company can vary wildly, with no two countries the same. We can help you navigate the complexity.

Having a trusted neutral third party holding funds, is a beneficial business tool. The expertise of a knowledgeable and trusted escrow agent can make a notable difference in the success of any transaction.

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Fast and compliant incorporation

Once you have decided to incorporate a new company, your attention quickly turns to how to do so as quickly as possible and in compliance with local rules, regulations, and procedures.

The amount of local knowledge required when setting up a new company or subsidiary can be intimidating, especially when moving into a new international market. The complexities, mandatory processes, requirements, and timelines vary considerably from country-to-country and can threaten your plans if they are not navigated appropriately.

We can help you with company formation in 100+ countries, including all major onshore, mid-shore and offshore jurisdictions. Our 4,000 experts include experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals who speak the local language, understand the local laws, customs and culture and have developed close relationships with local authorities. Our experts aim to save you from any unwelcome delays and bureaucracy and keep the plans you have for your business on schedule.

Our services include:

  • Full incorporation process of legal entities
  • Sharing knowledge on the types of structures available
  • Liaising with advisors, notaries, banks, lawyers as appropriate
  • Understanding the local rules, regulations, procedures, and timelines
  • Providing guidance on available entity names
  • Obtaining official corporate documents such as certificates of incorporation and articles of association
  • Sourcing relevant professional licenses and tax registrations